Hello ladies! I will be turning 40 in December my 20 year marriage is getting boring for both my husband and I. We totally love each other but are in need of some spice. Along with many other things both of has done I would like to add a sexy glamour shot of me to the mix. I am in need of feeling sexy and what better way to do it then take some sexy pictures in the company of professional women who love to make women feel sexy. I have been working on getting my body back into shape I am not perfect but not to bad either; nothing a little lighting and correct posing couldn’t fix. Please call me, I would love to discuss this further with you. My number is… I live in apple valley ca and do not mind the drive to your studio… Thank you… Oh and my grandmother actually had boudoir photos taken of herself when she was about 40 and they were the most elegant and sexy photos I had ever seen. I am super excited to do the same for my man.


Getting photographed by Denise was an awesome experience! I was so nervous at first but Denise and her make-up artist Ashley made me feel right at home! I really got to know both of the girls which made the experience even better! Denise was so helpful through the entire process. She helped me feel very comfortable in my own body and made me actually feel sexy! I was mesmerized by every photo she took of me, I didn’t know I could be so beautiful and seductive! I got these pictures taken for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend and I know he will LOVE them. She is so professional and friendly. I had an amazing time during my shoot. There was not one time that I felt uncomfortable! I will definitely be having many more photo shoots with her in the future. I would recommend her to everyone!

Hi there,
 I just checked out your portfolio and I wanted to say that you have some great photos there! I can really tell you put a lot of feeling and effort into your photography.
 Also, I want to thank you for following me on Twitter (medianovak). It’s really an honor to know that people are interested in what my company and I have to offer.
 Keep up the good work and thank you again!
Alissa Everett
Alissa E

Hello, this is Pauline, I wanted to know if you have anything available on Friday night or next Thursday June 13? Sorry my schedule is just so hectic this upcoming month.

Best Regards


I am getting married in August 2013 and was brainstorming wedding presents for my soon-to-be husband. I was wondering how much I am looking at?
My fiance and I agreed to wedding presents for each other and of course, it will never sit right for me. I want something special and different which I am gonna have one of my bridesmaid to deliver to the boys’ room when they are getting married “the-day-of”.

I notice the free session for bride. How does it work?



Looking to have photos done for husbands birthday in July, Can I get info For Orange County location please.

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