The Popularity Of Boudoir Photography

The Popularity of Boudoir Photography: These Pictures will leave him Utterly Speechless! Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura County, San Diego

The popularity of Boudoir Photography for Brides, Military wives and more has increased. Artistic Images is one of the Best Boudoir Studios in Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura County and San Diego.

California, Feb 16, 2011 — Unlike the traditional pin-ups or tacky glamour shots we’ve all seen over the years, Boudoir Photography has come a long way…more like the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalog or Maxim magazine thanks to Denise E. Adamo of Artistic Images Photography Studio in Huntington Beach CA.

Denise has single-handedly changed the way photographers shoot sexy photo’s these days with her 17 plus years of “lifestyle” magazine quality, style and experience. The gift of boudoir photo’s has not only become the hottest gift a man can receive but it has proven to be the best gift a women can give to herself also.

Artistic Images has found over the years that “boudoir photography” can actually help to build the self-confidence and self-esteem of their clients in the process.

The session can be natural and innocent using a man’s dress shirt & tie, sports shirts, pj’s or seductive and alluring with full blown fishnets, garters and bustiers. Each session is customized to fit you, your taste, style and body type! Every session is tasteful, classy and artistic. You are coached and directed by your female photographer and makeup artists to get the best possible photo’s.

They have found that brides and military wives alike come from all over the country to be able to take advantage of this special gift for themselves and their partners. Whether it is a holiday like Christmas or Valentines Day, a special occasion like a wedding, birthday or anniversary or just a time in their lives when they need a little extra confidence boost, they have been flocking to Southern California to be photographed in this very special way by this very special premiere photography studio for years.

Their clients all have one thing in common, they’ve all expressed how exhilarating it was, how much fun they all had and how they felt like a super model for those few hours and weeks after their session! The best part is when they come back to view their photo’s, they always mention how their shoot put them in such a great mood, gave them a sense of happiness, confidence and “they were fun to be around” says

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their friends! Some girls even get comments questioning if they’ve done something?? Hmmm face lift? Well you definitely get a face lift just not from going under the knife but in front of the camera! (They actually also give you a body and butt lift with their magic talents 😉 So ladies, you don’t have to be a size 8 to look like a size 8 nor do you need to be a size 2 to look AMAZING in your boudoir photo’s. When done right and with skilled professionals you will look amazing at any size or age!

Read what some clients are saying:

Hi Denise, My husband continues to enjoy his gift!!

I am so happy I found Artistic Images. Although I told my husband the gift was for him – it was mostly for me! I got to my goal weight and wanted to have something to keep me inspired to stay there. Now if the scale starts creeping up – I know how I want to look and how I can look at 44! My husband of course was thrilled and not only enjoys the photos but appreciates that I would be willing to have them taken.

Denise was extremely professional and made the whole experience so comfortable. She far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend her!! Thanks again Denise. Patty

Testimonial: I’ve always wanted to look and feel like the women I see in those Victoria’s Secret ads and I was finally able to after my session with Artistic Images Photography! The whole experience was so wonderful. The staff provided me with a dos and don’ts list so I went into the session feeling prepared, confident, and comfortable. I LOVE the pictures. I love that my pictures made me look as enticingly classy or as outrageously sexy as I wanted to be. I would recommend this experience to any woman who’s ever felt sexy, wanted to feel sexy, wants to feel desirable, and just overall wants to look beautiful. My husband says hands down it’s the best gift I’ve ever given him. He can’t stop looking at the photos. And as for me, I’ve never felt sexier or more desirable! It was honestly as much a gift to me as it was for him! I’m so glad I did it!


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