International Award Winning Photographer Opens New Boudoir Studio In Ventura County California

International Award Winning Photographer Opens New Boudoir Studio In Ventura County California Offering Nature Inspired Photo Shoots To Their Clients-Artistic Images Photography

Boudoir photography studio opens a new location in Ventura County California. Now offering indoor/outdoor sessions on a breathtaking 50 acre ranch.

United States of America, Aug 30, 2012 — Artistic Images Photography has been specializing in Boudoir since 1997. New York native Denise E. Adamo opened her first photography studio specializing in Boudoir on the East Coast and worked her way to the West Coast in 1999.

Her entire career has been photographing women who come to her from all over the country for her intimate bedroom setting photography.

Artistic Images has been located in sunny Huntington Beach California for the past ten years but has just opened a second location on a breathtaking 50 acre ranch in Ventura County California. Denise wanted to be able to offer her services and expertise to every women in the country after receiving literally thousands of emails and phone calls over the years from women asking for the same thing… Classy Boudoir and Glamour Shots just like her work. This is when she decided to expand her business.

She receives calls from women who all have one thing in common…They all say the same thing, “I scoured the internet for months and months and never came across a photographer’s work I liked better than your’s!”

Artistic Images chose Ventura County for it’s Beautiful Beaches, Quaint Scenic Towns like Ojai and Santa Paula and for it’s close proximity to the bigger cities like Los Angeles and the Beautiful area of Santa Barbara .

They are located on a 50 acre ranch offering not only classy, sophisticated indoor photo shoots but now offer breathtaking outdoor boudoir sessions as well in their lavish rose garden and on their tree lined ranch that goes far beyond the eye can see.

If you have not been lucky enough to be photographed by Denise Elizabeth Adamo or you don’t know someone who has as of yet…one day you will! View their work and read hundreds of testimonials on the web and you’ll understand why!

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Visit their newest location in Ventura County California, only minutes from Los Angles and Santa Barbara.


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Telephone: 714-716-7266

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