First Boudoir-Glamour Photographer


First Boudoir-Glamour Photographer in the United States and Canada.

Artistic Images boudoir photography studio has existed longer than most photo studios around the globe. Here are some old tear sheets we found from almost 20 years ago, Enjoy!


Even after a crippling recession, the boom of digital camera owners in mid 2000 and faux photographer wannabe’s, Artistic Images has held firm their spot as the number one Boudoir Photo Studio in the United States and Canada.

One thing that definitely sets them apart from the rest is the owner Denise Elizabeth Adamo. Her down to earth personalityattention to detail, pursuit of perfection and passionate drive has kept her at the top of the photography industry.

As you can see here, Denise started the whole trend of Boudoir Photography in the United States back in 1997. After graduating with a 4.0 gpa and a degree in photography, Denise immediately opened up her very first Boudoir Studio in Wilkes-Barre Pa.

You can clearly tell from this old AD that before anyone even knew what the word “Boudoir” meant or how to pronounce it she was offering women something very special with class, sophistication and glamour. Today, almost 20 years later Denise still offers and advertises her boudoir photography with class, sophistication and luxury!

Check out her amazing boudoir photography here and on other web pages for samples of her many years of hard work and diligence.

Denise will be opening her own gallery in the Ventura County-Los Angeles are in the near future. We can’t wait to see what her artistic, creative eye will capture next!

Denise Elizabeth Adamo, First Boudoir-Glamour Photographer in the United States and Canada!


While searching the archives we found another Advertisement for Artistic Images-Boudoir Photography in 1997.

As you can see Artistic Images was the first and only boudoir studio of their kind. Women and men flocked to Artistic Images from all over the country. That helped build their strong foundation and reputation into what it is today.

Even though you’ll find other boudoir photographers today, in this digital age, Artistic Images obviously has the most experience and is still the best boudoir studio around.

Denise Elizabeth is always improving her ability to capture a unique and beautiful image. She loves to offer unique boudoir events and gives her clients a modern and luxurious experience every time.

Denise Elizabeth started the “Ocean View Boudoir Photo Shoot” sessions which she offers at only the very best 5 star resort hotels.

Other photographers without a studio have followed suit but could never match the style, classiness and professionalism you get when you book your boudoir session with Artistic Images Photography.

In Wilkes-Barre PA Denise Elizabeth opened her first boudoir studio called “Artistic Images“.

There was a local entertainment publication called “The Weekender”. It’s similar to “The OC Weekly” and the “LA Weekly”. The paper had a weekly modeling contest appropriately called “Model of the Week”. The winners went on to an annual contest titled ‘Model of the Year”.

Every girl in town soon found out that if they went to Artistic Images Photography and Denise Elizabeth photographed them, they won! She soon became well known and the “It” girl for sexy photo’s. She photographed every girl shown here in this 1997 publication.

Her eye for detail and desire to find your best angles made her studio an immediate success! Her girls (as she likes to call them) won weekly and annually! Shown here is a gal named Florence Marinello who won first place at the “Model of the Year” contest at “The Woodland” in Wilkes-Barre Pa. Denise is very fond of every single client who walks through her doors and clients become a friend for life!