Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal Boudoir Photography

The Trendiest Wedding Gift Of The Decade. I Do or Please Dont!

Brides are opting for a trendy new sexy gift for their groom instead of the trusty old standby pocket watch. Should they say “I Do” or “I Don’t” to Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is fast becoming the trendiest gift for the groom and why not? The men are not complaining and the women want to show their future husbands just what they have to look forward to in the coming years.
This trend is on full speed ahead straight to the alter with no signs of anyone speaking now, their forever holding their peace.

Timid women, conservative women and even lesbian women are taking their panties off for an hour of uninhibited bliss in the spotlight. Most men would love to be there to watch and many times do offer to hold the reflector.

Boudoir is not only the Perfect Gift for starting your marriage but it’s very empowering for women because it helps build their self-esteem and self-confidence. What guy wouldn’t want that? Most men despise the chore of having to constantly stroke their women’s ego or call to remind them every minute of the day that they are beautiful and sexy. Believe it or not…when done right a boudoir session really makes women of all shapes and sizes feel sexy and confident.

It’s great that women now have a place to go besides the salon or Nordstroms to feel sexy and beautiful and the results are everlasting. You don’t have to get a touch up every 6 weeks or a new pair of stilettos!

If you decide to walk down that runway before you skip down the isle here are some very important Tips and Hints supplied by the most experienced Boudoir Photographer.

Tips by Denise Elizabeth Adamo, Owner/Artist of Artistic Images Photography Studio. Los Angeles, Southern California and worldwide.

I Do’s:
1. Do get a professional manicure/pedicure (You WILL see your hands and feet in the photo’s)
2. Do book with a professional makeup artist (Makeup for photography is different than everyday makeup)
3. Do try on many, many outfits before making your choice. (Nobody wants back fat hanging over their bra)
4. Do Book weeks in advance if you can (You may have to get rid of “red chest syndrome” and unsightly tan lines first)
5. Do have all your dead ends cut off your hair before your session. (Healthy hair looks much better in photo’s then dead head)

I Don’t’s
1.Don’t get an orange spray on tan (Your pores will literally look like an orange peel)
2. Don’t wear a watch the day of your shoot (Nothing is less flattering than watch band impressions on your wrist)
3. Don’t have your Bachelorette party or drink jello shots the night before (It’s very dehydrating to the skin, save the snake skin for your outfits)
4. Don’t get Botox injections in you lips the day before (One girl came in looking like Donald Duck!)
5. Don’t bring friends and family to your shoot (It’s a very hard job creating perfect boudoir and distractions are not helpful)

Our thanks to ©Artistic Images Photography-Boudoir By Elizabeth for supplying Tips & Hints for our article.

For more tips and hint’s feel free to send an email directly to Denise E. Adamo at: [email protected]

Boudoir Photo’s courtesy of ¬©2012 Artistic Images Photography and ¬©2012 Confessions Of A Boudoir Studio