Boudoir Photography Process

Boudoir Photography Process

Artistic Images Gives A Step By Step  Boudoir Photography Process

Boudoir Photography Process. Upcoming Event- May 2019 Click Here For More Info

Boudoir Photography Process:

We wanted to ease your mind a bit by showing you the boudoir photography process for your next photo session. At Artistic Images we know how intimidating it can be to have your picture taken.

Each and every client no matter how experienced or inexperienced, secure or insecure they may be, it’s never easy having to pose for boudoir pictures is it? Well with us it is because we’re with you every step of the way. Don’t worry gals, we will make the experience a very comfortable one for you.

First we photograph you at our professional studio location

You can also book one of our many oceanview boudoir photoshoot events at a luxurious 5 star hotel resort. Below you’ll get an idea of our boudoir photography process.

We always give you a one-of-a-kind experience. We have very expensive taste ladies and we book only the finest for you. You can be assured with us you’ll never arrive at anything less than a five-star resort for your boudoir photo shoot! It will always be classy, tasteful and high-end.

For your Ocean View Boudoir Photo Shoot you will arrive to a friendly greeting and atmosphere. You’ll be escorted to the waiting area where you will enjoy

the spectacular view while awaiting your appointment.

Once you arrive you will view a very helpful DVD that will get your creative juices flowing! Now your ready to put on a cozy robe and get comfortable for your make-up application.

Your professional makeup artist will discuss what type of look you want so you’ll love your makeup as well as your photos. The make-up artist begins with giving you a flawless look. When you look in the mirror and feel sexy, that will ensures sexy photos. By now you’re already starting to feel comfortable and confident and enjoying the process with a glass of champagne!

Voilà! With your completed makeover you have a new-found sense of confidence that you may have mis-placed over the years. Now it’s time to work!

We will help you with you’re jewelry choice, wardrobe and anything else you need help with. We will also help you with your garters, bra’s and corsets if you need help. This is hard work girls but it’s worth it and you won’t have time to stress or even think about being nervous anymore.

Five Star Resort Packages Starting at $599

We hope this bit of information on our boudoir and glamour photography process has helped to ease your mind.

Now that you know exactly what to expect from your session give us a call to book your boudoir photo-shoot!

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Boudoir Photography Process

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