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Boudoir And Glamour Photography FAQ

A Photography FAQ

We sat down with Denise Elizabeth Adamo, Owner/Photographer of Artistic Images Photography & Video to get answers to all the boudoir questions women have about sexy boudoir pictures. We found that Denise was not only the first boudoir photographer in California but she actually opened the very first boudoir studio in the USA in 1997! Her clients fly in for her boudoir talents from as far as Canada and New York. So who better to sit down with then the person who started it all.

Boudoir And Glamour Photography FAQ

Q. Can you make me look like the “models” on your site?
A. Yes we can, The women on our photography website are not professional models. Even the women on our “modeling pages” came to us for their very first modeling pictures.

Q. Can you make me look twenty pounds lighter in a sexy boudoir photography shoot?
A. Here’s an answer everyone is going to love, yes I can! I know how to pose you, light you, contour your makeup, give wardrobe suggestions and make use of props to make anyone look twenty pounds lighter. My name might not be Felix (the cat) but I’ve got my own bag of tricks!

Q. I’m normally very shy and conservative so will I look nervous in the photos?
A. No, I’m told over and over again by each and every client that they felt so relaxed once they met me. If you read my testimonials you’ll notice that theme throughout them all. Personally I think its due to my New York outgoing personality. I have a way of making everyone who walks through my doors feel at home and like their best friend.

Q. How did you get started in photography?
A. I get this question a lot and I love telling my story, but I don’t want to bore you in this q&a so I’ll keep it short. I was a H.S. dropout, got my GED at twenty five. Waitressed in New York most of my life and used that money to buy my first camera at twenty years old. The camera was originally for an ex-boyfriend for his Christmas but I found another girls phone number in his wallet so when I left him I took my camera back! One for the girls!! The rest is history.

Q. Are your packages very expensive?
A. My packages range anywhere from $199 to $2,000. I try to make my artistic, boudoir photos’s available to every women by giving them choices and options. Whether my customer has $200 or $2,000 to spend, I work just as hard for both women.

Q. Do you provide the outfits?
A. In my studio I have everything you need for a beautiful sexy boudoir photo shoot. I provide the white sheets, various colored satin sheets, high quality furs like chinchilla, fox and more. We have some lingerie but we recommend bringing your own due to sizing. We have jewelry, hats, gloves and all the props you’ll need. We even carry handcuff’s!

Q. How soon in advance do I need to book a boudoir appointment?
A. Although I offer same day service where I photograph a client and give her photo’s same day, most women book their boudoir photography appointment weeks in advance. I recommend at least eight weeks in advance if you have that luxury. Some of our boudoir albums take eight weeks to produce but they are the icing on the cake and well worth the wait!

Q. What type of outfits do you recommend?
A. Honestly I think that what ever outfit makes a women feel sexy the minute she puts it on, is the right outfit! It can be a sweater, dress, bustier or panties and a bra. If you feel good in it, it will project sexy in your photo’s. I do have a few secret tricks up my sleeve for plus size women which I know is the next question so I’ll address it there.

Q. I am a plus size woman and all the girls on your website look skinny, can you work with me?
A. Of course I can and I must say that all the women on my site are not skinny. They just appear that way through the magic of boudoir posing, props, lighting and wardrobe. One secret tip I give is to bring diamond cut fishnet pantyhose. You’ll get the rest of the tips when you book your boudoir session, in my handy “do’s & don’ts’ list.

Q. Who is Denise?
A. I get this question a lot, When I opened my first sexy boudoir photography studio in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania 1997, I chose the name Artistic Images Photography. Back in the day phone books were still used! LOL I needed to be on top, number one. After a short time I realized that some people thought my first name Denise was Dennis. I immediately incorporated my middle name Elizabeth for advertising purposes. In the 90’s their were a few men shooting “glamour” type photo’s and I wanted my clients to know I was a “female boudoir photographer”. Now every client of mine chooses me for various reasons but the big one remains the same, I am a professional female boudoir photographer.

Q. On to my next question then, is the photographer a women?
A. Yes, last time I checked! I have been shooting boudoir for almost twenty years and my staff has always been all female!

Q. Do you offer hair and makeup?
A. Yes, We have the best makeup artists in California. They work in Hollywood on stars like Brooke Shields, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart and more. We are very proud of being able to collaborate with such great makeup artists and bring them to our clients.

Q. Do you give advice on wardrobe the day of session and help with putting on garters and bustier’s?
A. Yes, yes and yes! I am a wardrobe stylist as well as photographer and since I love fashion and have an eye for what looks good, I love helping my clients get ready and choose the outfits that will look best on them. That’s what its all about!

Q. Do you airbrush or offer retouching?
A. Ahhh the big question! Everyone wants to know if I “airbrush” or do “retouching“? I’m happy to say that although I do offer photo retouching, most of the girls on our site are Au naturale! Because I am a trained photographer and have a degree in photography I know how to make all my clients look amazing without having to turn to photo retouching.

Q. I know your anxious to get started on your next appointment but we have one last popular question, do you offer military discounts?
A. Yes we do, we appreciate our military force and their wives and girlfriends who sacrifice their loved ones for us all, so we offer discounts to all military personal, service occupational workers and their spouse’ and girlfriends. I want to say thank you Denise Elizabeth for taking the time to address some of the burning questions our future boudoir barbie’s will have. It’s been great and I wish you continued success in your sexy boudoir photography business. Autohor: Luca Lewis Contributors: Luca Lewis, Denise Elizabeth Adamo

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